We Are Hiring ! Join Our Team !

We Are Hiring ! Join Our Team !

Join Our Team !! We Are Hiring :-

Hello my dear friends i’m Rahul Kumar. I wanna say something with you first of all thank you so much for giving lovely response to my website. I’m very happy for your lovely performance so i have decided to give you more service and fun from our webiste. I always want no one can miss any offers, deals, stuff, loots, recharges, tricks and many more which we share. So now i’m decided to expand and include some member to our team to give more services like many deals, coupons, recharge offers, loot offers, tricks, tips, help etc everything & everyday… i’m very excited about that. So if you think and you have ability to join our team then your most welcome to our team.


We Are Hiring :-

1.) We Are Hiring Authors. (*Live*)

2.) We Are Hiring  SEO Experts. (Send email to us direct)

3.)  We Are Hiring Manager/Adviser.(Send email to us direct)

4.) Comming  Soon

I discribed something related to these posts ….

1.) We Are Hiring Authors :- 

We want to expand our website and therefore we need more authors to create contents. So i’m come here to give you opportunity to make Author for my website to get the best writers from all across India.
So do you have that extraordinary ability to find time for hunting the best deals from the internet and present it in the best way to the people ? If yes is your answer then get ready to join us !!

Qualities of a good author :-

Below are some of the qualities which we need on you :-

A.) Fluent And Error Free English – This is the most important aspect as far as an author on any website is concerned. We want someone who is fluent in writing good english and makes no grammatical mistakes because poor english often leads the readers to possess a feeling of disappointment.

B.) Experience in Deals, Coupons etc – We don’t want a person who doesn’t know what is meant by online shopping deals ? We want someone who has a vast knowledge of all these aspects and never shops without using a coupon or offer So before applying make sure you have a fair knowledge of deals, coupons and offers.

C.) SEO – Search Engine Optimization plays a crucial role in the growth of any online website. So if you have knowledge in this field, it would be a plus point.

D.) MS word – Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word is required.

E.) Friendly Nature – We always want our users to be fully satisfied with our services. We never let our users feel that we are superior to them. Customers are most valuable to us. So we want people who can behave friendly with our users.

F.) Time – We want people who can give a good amount of time for our website IndiaKaaOffer.CoM. Someone who can make around 3-4 posts Minimum in a day will fulfill the needs.

G.) Posting :- If You Have Computer/Desktop or Laptop then fill this form because you will face some issue on mobile phone.

H.) Post Words :- Minimum required 300-350 words in every post. And no copy paste is allowed. (We will know your every activity like a spy camera, we will track your copy paste content. And you will be out.

Most And Very Important Thing is About MONEY don’t worry.. We will discuss it on phone calls.


How To Apply :-

Nothing to do more….Write some details and send us on  [email protected]

Give Your Details like – ( All details are very necessary to us )

  • Your Full Name :-
  • Your Email Address :-
  • Your Age With Birth Details :-
  • Your Address :-
  • Your Mobile Number :-
  • Your Whatsapp Number :-
  • Have you ever written for any blog/website before ? :- Yes/No – If yes then please describe website details :-
  • How much time and how many deals you will give in a day ? :-
  • What is your current occupation ? :-
  • Describe something about you we want to know and may be your photo and some details like hobby, choice etc can be post in future after a good relation with team.

If you think we forgotten somthing to add then include it your self and send us fast before seat full.

SEND US ON :-  [email protected]

Suggestion :- If you have great idea or you have a great knowedge of haddling of these type of website and if you think you can give suggestion to us no problem feel free and send us on our official email [email protected]   we will try to apply as per your idea/suggestion. If we like.


Special For Authors :-

{Coming Soon For Our Authors } Out of all our authors, we will be awarding “Author of the Month” award to the best writer for  IndiaKaaOffer.CoM  for every month.

The author will get Rs.XXX(Amount will be set after some time) voucher/bank transfer as per his/her choice as a token of appreciation.


Thanks for be a part of  IndiaKaaOffer.CoM

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