Paytm Wallet 1.01% Charge On Bank Transfers Of Rs 100+

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Paytm Wallet 1.01% Charge On Bank Transfers Of Rs 100+. These days many offers are coming again n again. Now This time is Paytm. Paytm is giving on its customer to transfer Paytm money into bank account with some charges that is 1.01%. Minimum Amount should be Rs. 100 on trasfer in bank account. Previously, customers & merchants that had completed their KYC could send money to bank at 1% without any waiting period. Customers & merchants that had not completed KYC had to pay a 4% fee & wait for 45 days after creating their Paytm account before they could send money to a bank account. Now all Paytm customers & merchants will be able to send money from their Paytm wallets to any bank account at a flat fee of 1%. Also note that there are no charges at all for sending money between Paytm Wallets. It continues to be free for all our users. So Grab it now.

Paytm Wallet


How To Do Paytm Wallet Bank Transfer:-

  1. Download Paytm App From Here
  2. Open app > Login/Register.
  3. Click on Pay/Send Money
  4. Enter Account Name, Bank Name, IFSC code and other details.
  5. Enter Rs. 100 or above.
  6. Now Send Money.

Terms and Conditions:-

  • This change will be applicable for all Paytm wallets including the ones who have not completed the KYC formalities. Our merchants & partners will also be able to avail this facility at a flat charge of 1%.
  • New Paytm customers have to wait 3 days before sending money to a bank account, however, if KYC formalities have been completed, then they can send money to any bank account immediately without any waiting period.
  • The minimum amount to send to the bank is Rs 100. 1% charge will be on the total amount being debited from the Paytm wallet.
  • Maximum amount that can be transferred in a month is Rs 10,000.
Paytm Wallet 1.01% Charge On Bank Transfers Of Rs 100+
Paytm Wallet 1.01% Charge On Bank Transfers Of Rs 100+
Money Transfer Offer
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